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The Best Cloud Storage and File-Syncing Services for 2016
It follows logically that any files uploaded to a cloud service are also protected from disk failures since there are copies of them in the cloud. But true online backup plays can back up all of your computer's files not just those in a synced folder structure. Whereas syncing is about selective productivity Backup is a bulk just-in-case play. With syncing you pick the documents you might need and keep them in the cloud for easy access. With backup you back up anything you think you might regret losing. Easy immediate access is not guaranteed with online backup nor is it the point. Piece of mind is. The Deal With the Cloud.
Cloud Storage Online Data Storage Google Cloud Platform.
Google Cloud Storage offers developers and IT organizations durable and highly available object storage. Google created three simple product options to help you address the needs of your applications while keeping your costs low. These three product options use the same API providing you with a simple and consistent method of access. The highest level of durability availability and performance. Same level of durability and performance.
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SurDoc keeps your precious photos music videos and files backed up online in case your computer crashes or is lost/stolen. Backup is continuous and automaticso you dont even have to think about it! More about online backup. With SurDoc your files are always with you. You can access view edit sign and share your files from a computer tablet or smartphone. No more need to carry your laptop everywhere you go. More about mobile access. Send files with ease. No more waiting for large attachments or worrying about viruses. Recipients can always open files without them losing formatting.
Cloud Storage From Just Cloud. Free Online Storage.
Access your files from anywhere at anytime from any device. Professional Cloud Storage from JustCloud is Simple Fast and Secure. Just Cloud will automatically backup all your documents photos music videos and more to the cloud so you are never without files again. Share files with friends. Get Cloud Storage Now! By creating an account you agree to our Terms and Privacy Policy.
14 best cloud storage services 2016 Dropbox vs Google Drive Test Centre PC Advisor.
Still presumptuous software is something that never finds us overjoyed. Security is obviously an important element in any online service. Knowhow Cloud encrypts data in transit using TLS to fend off any interceptions and the Briefcase files are encrypted on the users machine as well. Files on the Knowhow servers are not stored in an encrypted form but Knowhow assure us that they remain very secure behind several layers of protection and are unidentifiable to any snoopers. The servers are all based in the UK which in some ways is encouraging as it keeps the NSA at bay but of course we have our very own GCHQ to worry about.
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A Business account for 15 per month includes unlimited storage with a 5GB file size limit. Custom-priced enterprise plans are also available. The deal 15GB of free cloud storage. Details Copy is a cloud service by Barracuda Networks an IT company specializing in security and storage. For 5 per month or 49 per year users can get 250GB of storage. Theres also an EFSS product named Copy for Companies that starts at 699 for 500GB on a dedicated virtual appliance. More information Copy and Copy for Companies. The deal 5GB of free cloud storage. Details Made by LogMeIn Cubby offers additional plans starting at 4 for 100GB of storage.
Met Dropbox kun je je bestanden veilig bewaren synchroniseren en eenvoudig delen.Je kunt je foto's documenten en video's overal meenemen en je raakt nooit meer een bestand kwijt.
Cloud Storage Unlimited Online Backup Livedrive.
Access your data on all your computers. Easy to use easy to manage and quick to setup. Completely safe and secure. Ideal for professionals and small business. Free Trial More Info. Resellers sell online backup and more! Sell online backup cloud storage sync products to your customers. Custom brand your product and manage it on the web. Create as many Backup accounts as you can no charge per account space used is charged separately. Livedrive provides a brilliant service on all fronts. High-quality simple and reliable cloud backup. The best cloud storage service. Exceedingly easy to setup and use. Online file storage excellence. I lost files before but never again now I use Livedrive Online Backup Jack San Francisco.

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