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Since 2004 we have ensured that Ubuntu is released on time twice every year. Ubuntu is the leading OS in the cloud OpenStack is built into Ubuntu Server and Ubuntu is the reference operating system for OpenStack. With our partner network we make Ubuntu available globally through retail channels and on most major public clouds. In the cloud driving enterprise agility. Ubuntu is at the forefront of large cloud infrastructure deployments thanks to Canonicals experience in building clouds for our customers and our involvement in the OpenStack project as a founding member.
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to an SSD cloud server in 55 seconds. Launch Your Ubuntu Server. Our Most Popular Distribution. Ubuntu is a Debian-based Linux OS committed to the principles of Open Source development. Its the most widely deployed Linux distribution in the cloud. Spin up an Ubuntu Server in 55 seconds. An Experience Designed for You. Get your new Ubuntu server running in 55 seconds. Simply choose the size and location of your droplet and click create. All plans are standard with solid state drives SSD. Hourly billing so you can stop at any time!
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Whether youre building your own OpenStack cloud or looking for a managed OpenStack cloud solution Ubuntu offers all the expert knowledge software services and support you need. Ubuntu OpenStack is the leading OpenStack solution for telcos globally with over 65% of large deployments and the platform of choice for NFV. Check out our OpenStack and telco resources. OpenStack BootStack Juju MAAS LXD Snappy Ubuntu. Renting bare-metal as a Service with MAAS.
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70% of public cloud workloads and 55% of OpenStack clouds run on Ubuntu. Create your cloud with OpenStack Autopilot. Deploy and manage your cloud quickly and easily. Fully automated deployment just add servers. Deploy manage and scale your OpenStack cloud with ease. First ten servers for free. Rapid scaling to add more capacity when you need it. Includes management tooling and commercial support from Canonical. Test drive OpenStack Autopilot on VMware. Test drive OpenStack Autopilot. Learn more about Autopilot.
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We have an extensive portfolio of services to help you build and support an Extreme OpenStack cloud. Contact us to discuss your needs. Ubuntu on public clouds. Ubuntu Server is available as a cloud guest on participating public clouds. Pricing depends on size of virtual machine. Check with each provider for more details. Get started on GCP. The Ubuntu guide to EC2. Get started on Oracle Cloud. Get started on Microsoft Azure. Get started on Joyent. Get started on VMware. Get started on Vexxhost. Get started on Interoute. Get started on Brightbox.
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sudo apt install openstack. More information on Use our award winning tools proven in production to deploy manage and scale your OpenStack environment. Run Ubuntu in the public cloud. Optimised Ubuntu images are already available on most major clouds. They are also available for download. Download standard Ubuntu Server cloud images. If you need some help installing Ubuntu please check out our step-by-step guides. Test drive installing OpenStack Autopilot on vSphere. Install OpenStack Autopilot on your own hardware. Manually installing OpenStack using MAAS and Juju. Ubuntu 16.04 LTS documentation.
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Ubuntu is the worlds most popular operating system for OpenStack. Ubuntu OpenStack is the worlds most stable and manageable cloud. Autopilot is the fastest and most reliable way to build your OpenStack cloud. Get started with OpenStack Autopilot. Among OpenStack deployments with more than 1000 users OpenStack survey October 2015 PDF 6.7MB. Four ways to get OpenStack on Ubuntu. OpenStack Autopilot is our fully automated tool for easy OpenStack deployment management and operations. Buy a managed cloud.
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About Us Learn more about Stack Overflow the company. Business Learn more about hiring developers or posting ads with us. Ask Ubuntu is a question and answer site for Ubuntu users and developers. Here's how it works. Anybody can ask a question. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. How to set-up my own cloud server? up vote 4 down vote favorite. Make my own Dropbox / Ubuntu One server at home. I am a student 17 years of age and wanting to access all of my files at greatest ease. i would like to have a system like this.

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