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Files uploaded into Drupal will still be managed by Drupal but instead of being stored on the local server that is running Drupal actual files will be stored on Rackspace Cloud Files and delivered through the CDN. Cloud Files can be used as the default file system or configured for specific file/image fields. Libraries API 7.x-2.x branch. php-opencloud last tested with 1.9.1. This will be for Drupal 7 and later only because previous versions of Drupal do not support FileStreamWrappers. Sign up for Rackspace Cloud Files. Maintenance status Actively maintained. Development status Under active development. Module categories File Management Media Performance and Scalability Third-party Integration. Reported installs 131 sites currently report using this module.
Scalable online media and file storage Rackspace Cloud Files.
Confirm Password Passwords should match. Scalable cloud object storage. Cloud Files provides online object storage for files and media delivering them globally at blazing speeds over a worldwide content delivery network CDN. You can store as many files as you wanteven very large files. First 1TB 0.10/GB/mo 0.0614/GB/mo A0.125/GB/mo 0.0848/GB/mo. Cloud Files maintains three copies of each file so your users get files faster and more reliably. Availability is important to you so our SLA guarantees it. Cloud Files uses over 200 global edge locations around the world so your users get content fastfrom servers within their region.
Adobe Creative Cloud.
Please update your browser so you can get the optimized Creative Cloud experience. Adobe Creative Cloud requires JavaScript in order to load properly. Please enable JavaScript in your browser and reload the page. Pour pouvoir se charger correctement Adobe Creative Cloud requiert JavaScript. Veuillez activer JavaScript dans votre navigateur et recharger la page. JavaScript ist erforderlich damit Adobe Creative Cloud ordnungsgemäß geladen wird. Aktivieren Sie JavaScript im Browser und laden Sie die Seite neu. Adobe Creative Cloud JavaScript JavaScript. Para que Adobe Creative Cloud pueda cargarse correctamente se requiere JavaScript.
Cloud File Management Pricing Rackspace.
Serve unlimited rich media rapidly and globally. Home Cloud Hosting Cloud Files Cloud Files Pricing. How we price Cloud Files. Pay less per GB when you store more files and media. Tiered pricing applies to your total Cloud Files usage per account. Tiered pricing applies to your aggregate CDN bandwidth usage per account. The more you use the more you save.
Cloud Files File Hosting Storage Content Delivery Network CDN Rackspace.
Serve unlimited rich media rapidly and globally. Home Cloud Hosting Cloud Files Overview. Everything we do is Managed Cloud. Do you want unlimited storage for all your files and media? Rackspace Cloud Files powered by OpenStack and delivered across the Akamai Content Delivery Network has the answer. Worried about speed and storage options? With Managed Cloud experts will monitor your data to make sure that its sent all over the world at high speeds to whoever needs it whenever they need it. Our techy team will also troubleshoot and discuss storage options with you plus youll only ever be charged for what you use.
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In 2011 the Rackspace Cloud brand merged with In 2012 Rackspace rebranded as Rackspace the open cloud company. In 2014 Rackspace rebranded as Rackspace the 1 managed cloud company. Cloud files is a cloud hosting service that provides unlimited online storage and CDN for media examples given include backups video files user content on a utility computing basis. 8 It was originally launched as Mosso CloudFS on May 5 2008 and is similar to Amazon Simple Storage Service. 9 Unlimited files of up to 5 GB can be uploaded managed via the online control panel or RESTful API and optionally served out via Akamai Technologies Content Delivery Network.

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