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The Best Online Backup for Your NAS Devices BackupReview.com.
Just like your local drives youll want to make sure your Network Attached Storage NAS is protected by backing it up to the cloud. Many unlimited online backup services dont support NAS devices due to the potential for abuse e.g. backing up multiple computers on a network. Fortunately many fixed-quota backup services do you let you backup your NAS just like any other hard drive. Here is a list of the best online backup services that support NAS devices. IDrive is an easy to use online backup service and it supports NAS and network drives as well. Click on Preferences Advanced then provide the details for the mapped network drive.
Cheap huge cloud backups for a Synology NAS Marco.org.
Apps Podcast Twitter About. Cheap huge cloud backups for a Synology NAS. November 4 2014 https//marco.org/2014/11/04/synology-backups. Ive greatly enjoyed my Synology NAS the DS1813 1 for over a year but I hadnt found a good cloud-backup solution until now. Arq to S3 or Glacier. Arq runs on a Mac not on the Synology itself and can back up any mounted file shares to Amazon S3 or Glacier. Arq works well but S3s pricing can get prohibitive priced per gigabyte a 1 TB collection costs 30/month to host. The Reduced Redundancy option brings it down to 24/month but thats still significant.
Best Cloud Backup for NAS Drives Revuezzle. Best Cloud Backup for NAS Drives Revuezzle.
CrashPlan is a unique cloud storage provider that lets NAS users protect their data. With their redundant capabilities and unlimited storage capacity it is also one of the more affordable cloud backup options for households using a NAS drive. There are no file size or bandwidth restrictions with CrashPlan either and they support Linux Mac and Windows PCs. Even better you have unlimited storage capacity with CrashPlan. If you have a computer crash or your entire NAS crashes you can do a seeded backup or a restore to the door feature so your networks data is never lost. A Few Details about this Plan. You can try CrashPlan free for 30 days to make sure it works for your household NAS.
NAS ElephantDrive.
ElephantDrive software comes pre-installed on a variety of leading network attached storage NAS platforms. Our partners are the leaders in delivering NAS products to individuals and small to medium businesses. ElephantDrive continues to add more NAS partners. Click on one of the tabs on the right to view your NAS manufacturer and well help you get started. Dont see your NAS manufacturer? Tell us at [email protected] which NAS platform you would like to see ElephantDrive on next. The ElephantDrive software comes pre-installed as the ReadyNAS Vault on nearly all of NETGEARs storage products.
How to backup your NAS to the cloud.
Why And When You Shouldnt Backup Your NAS to The Cloud. Cloud storage costs money and where a lot of data is involved then transferring it can also hog your bandwidth and slow down everyone connected to your networks internet connection. While backing up locally is a fairly painless and free process hard disk space is ridiculously cheap these days you should consider using online backup for only a subset of your data the valuable stuff.
5 Best NAS Backups for 2016 Best Backups.com. 5 Best NAS Backups for 2016.
Others also allow you to sync files between your NAS and Cloud storage providers such as Dropbox Google Drive and Box so that your updates stay consistent across platforms. For the uninitiated weve come up with a handy guide to getting started with NAS or keep reading for our rundown of the 5 best NAS backups for 2016. The list below is primarily concerned with backup providers that have native apps for devices by NAS giants QNAP Synology and Netgear but if youre more interested in the DIY approach scroll down to find out which other services let you run NAS backups in different ways.
Amazon S3 Cloud Storage Backup NAS QNAP.
Home Business solutions Cloud Storage Backup Amazon S3. In addition to USB/eSATA external storage devices or remote servers QNAP Turbo NAS also supports various third party cloud storage services as the backup destination securing critical data with an additional off-site copy. Choosing a proper third party cloud storage backup service protects the QNAP NAS against unexpected data loss and allows convenient disaster recovery. Amazon S3 Simple Storage Service is an online storage web service provided by Amazon Web Services. QNAP Turbo NAS supports Amazon S3 to allow users to back up the data from the NAS to Amazon S3 or download the data from Amazon S3 to the NAS anytime.
NAS Cloud Backup Storage Symform.
Benefits of Using Symform NAS to Cloud Backup. Customers who integrate Symform cloud backup for NAS benefit from low or no cost high performance and optimal security from Symform. Backup NAS to Cloud Affordably. Symform provides unlimited free cloud backup of NAS devices to users who contribute local drive space equal to 2x their cloud storage needs. Fast NAS to Cloud Backup and Restore. Symform technology enables users to more quickly and easily sync their NAS drive with cloud backup. No File Size Limitations. Users can cloud backup NAS device files regardless of their size including CAD/CAM files videos or other large files.
NAS backup to IDrive cloud.
Features of IDrive online backup. Download Get apps for PC Mac Linux and Mobiles. Pricing Storage options made for all. Protect data on all your NAS devices to the IDrive Cloud. Network attached storage devices are widely used for storing business critical data. NAS devices let you build simple and centralized local data storage systems which can store and serve files across your entire network. However the fact that your NAS devices are also vulnerable to virus attacks and hardware crashes cannot be ignored. And you could easily lose all your files to data disasters if you rely only on your local NAS backups! IDrive's online data protection is all you need!
The 10 Best Network-Attached Storage NAS Devices of 2016 PCMag.com.
A diskless NAS may seem like a bargain at around 250 but you'll have to budget another 100 to 200 for hard drives to install yourself. A business-class NAS like the 1529 Western Digital My Cloud DL4100 has four preconfigured 6TB hard drives for a total of 24TB of storage space. Disks or No Disks? You can purchase a NAS with its hard drive or hard drives preinstalled or you can buy a so-called diskless NAS which means it has empty bays that you populate with drives yourself.

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